What NOT to Wear to a Modeling Audition

Modeling Audition

What you wear to a modeling audition can either make or break your chances of getting that coveted callback. In the modeling industry, first impressions are everything. You cannot risk showing up looking completely over- or underdressed. Models, regardless of whether you are seeking to work in commercial or high fashion, are hired to sell a brand. So what you want to present to casting agents is a blank canvas.

If you happen to be stuck wondering if your audition outfit is model-appropriate, then you have come to the right place. Here is a full list of what you should not be wearing to a modeling audition.

Clothes You Should Avoid Wearing to a Modeling Audition or Go-See

1. Clothes that don’t fit

Loose Clothing, What to Wear Modeling Audition

If it is too big or too small, leave it for the weekend. As a model, it is absolutely important to know what flatters your body shape and what doesn’t. The last thing you want to experience is having casting directors ask you to remove a clothing piece they find distracting. Not only is this unprofessional, but it is also very time-consuming on their part.

2. Vibrant hair and makeup

Makeup Audition

It is normal to want to look good during your modeling audition, but be sure you don’t end up overdoing your hair and makeup. A little bit of mascara and some blush will go a long way. Avoid sparkling or neon eye shadow paired with crazy winged liners. Stick to nude and neutral color schemes to allow your natural beauty to come through.

Hair should be pulled back and out of the face to create a sleek and neat look. If your hair is short, style it to make sure your bangs don’t end up covering your face.

3. Crazy patterns and bold prints

The New Way to Wear Bold Prints

As stated above, you should be giving casting agents the opportunity to imagine you as their model. So keep your clothes as plain as your face to help make this easier for them to do. It may be tempting to wear that eye-catching print to stand out from everyone else, but it will only end up turning off the people at the casting.

4. Trends

Unicorn Hair Silver

Underboob, tracksuits, platform shoes, and acrylic nails may be all the rage right now, but they should never be worn to a modeling audition. Sure, you will get noticed but only for the wrong reasons, and you really wouldn’t want that to ruin a possible job opportunity.

5. Insanely high heels

High Heels-Alexander Mcqueen

Flats and sneakers are an absolute no-no when it comes to model casting calls. On the contrary, you shouldn’t be showing up to a go-see in heels that look like they could stab someone. Find a pair that’s both comfortable and around the 2- to 3-inch height level.

With the information above, you’re set for your next casting call. Remember to dress appropriately while allowing your natural beauty to shine through. Good luck on your audition!

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